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Buy Bay Area exotics cannabis buds

True lovers of weed are becoming more discerning in their taste for marijuana and are seeking more exotic strains. The more exotic types have different effects, they can also be stronger and have a different smell and even a different color of smoke emitted during the smoking. There is also a beauty to the buds that most exotic strains exhibit. Although many exotic marijuana strain lovers prefer certain strains because of the increased high that is produced, other users are fascinated with the exotics for the look of the plant, the seeds, and especially the buds.

Buy Bay Area exotics cannabis buds

Buy Bay Area exotics cannabis buds – Other exotic marijuana lovers are looking for a certain smell or taste. Decades ago, just finding any marijuana of any type was considered a huge accomplishment. With the increased legalization in the United States, and across the globe, many marijuana users now seek more variety and excitement in their use of this plant. Many individuals enjoy growing it themselves and have mastered the art of doing so.


With that said, let us start out by explaining what is an exotic weed?Buy Bay Area exotics cannabis buds

What makes a strain of marijuana exotic is the difference in either the high it produces (some strains are much stronger), the taste of the smoke, the smell of the smoke, or the look of the marijuana plant, buds, or seeds themselves.Buy Bay Area exotics cannabis buds
Some strains have buds that are gloriously beautiful and will be preferred by many that grow their own for their ornamental value. The industry is filled with all types of slang words to describe different strains, and those that are new to using or purchasing exotic strains may not know exactly what makes a strain “exotic” as the word exotic is broad, and there are hundreds of different varieties of weed now. To narrow this term down and assist new seekers and users of exotic strains, we will start with the appearance, as this is a great way to identify an exotic strain.

Another question then seeing a plant is the very first way to try and discern if it is an exotic strain as a visual can speak volumes about the uniqueness of any marijuana plant.

So, what exactly does an exotic strain look like then? Buy Bay Area exotics cannabis buds

Buy Bay Area exotics cannabis buds

Quite simply, exotic strains are higher-quality strains and should be shinier than the lower standard strains. This is greatly due to the size and length of the hairs which cover all marijuana buds. These hairs are called trichomes, and because their growth is denser and longer, the buds are shinier. This gives a “crystal-like” effect to the buds, making them glossier.

Even strains that are woody looking will still be glossier with more trichomes, so It is easier to discern an exotic strain using this visual knowledge. Newbies that are just starting out on the journey of exotic strains of marijuana use the shiny crystal-like appearance to help discern if what they are purchasing or about to use is indeed an exotic.

In 2021 there is a trend not only towards exotics but RARE exotic cannabis plants.

Some are popular because of the high they produce, others are popular because of the look of the buds, which can be colorful and beautiful, and as stated before some have an unusual taste to the smoke or a unique smell to the smoke.

Really rare strains exist, and these can have beautiful buds and a unique taste and smell to the smoke coupled with an astounding high. These rare weed strains are the most difficult to locate. There is also the possibility that the strain might be rare, yet a user does not even know this. Malawi Gold is one of these strains. It is a legendary strain that has been around for decades, yet some suppliers lie about providing it, while some users do not even recognize it, although it is considered rare and one of the longest histories of all strains globally.

It is, according to legend, considered the rarest strain of cannabis in the world and has its roots in South Africa. Malawi Gold has all the characteristics of exotics, which makes it this rare. The taste is said to be like candy, there is a lemony flavor to the smoke, and the appearance is attractive. The high is potentand energizing and Malawi Gold is one of the preferred strains even for medical usage, which speaks volumes about its quality. Sweet yet spicy, Malawi Gold is also a large plant. Seeking a rare strain and determining if it is rare is more difficult than just seeking to purchase an exotic strain of cannabis. A pic of Malawi shows visual differences in rare and exotic strains.

Here they are the top ten trending exotic cannabis strains of 2021.

  1. As can be imagined, Malawi Gold and the buds and seeds of the Malawi Gold strain are right on the top of the list. This strain has it all, an energizing high, medical usages for pain and anxiety, a spectacular beauty, a sweet taste, and a lemony aroma. Malawi Gold users are devoted to this strain of exotic weed.
  2. Snowcap Strain is popular as well. This strain is also a hybrid of Snow White and Haze. It also has a lemony flavor but produces a mellow, happy high. It is a relaxing strain.
  3. Bubba Kush: Preferred by many users because of its high THC content. The high THC produces relaxation, and it can assist with insomnia. THC is the compound found in all marijuana that provides sedation and the higher the THC, the greater the sedative effect. Bubba Kush cannabis strains have between 19% and 22% THC levels.
  4. Frisian Duck is named for its oddly shaped leaves that resemble a duck’s feet. It is also a hybrid and popular with home growers as it can be grown outdoors without being noticeable since it resembles many other types of plants.
  5. Bleu Cheese Strain has been around quite some time and has quite a following too as like Malawi Gold, it has a high THC level and is potent. As the name implies it has a flavor that is reminiscent of Blue Cheese but an aroma that smells like blueberries.
  6. Blue Dream also has a blueberry taste and aroma, but the large leaves are bluish. The high is rapid and pronounced at first but then mellows out quickly to a relaxed state. Once the energizing high diminishes, the relaxation portion assists with all types of pain and anxiety. It is also an older hybrid.
  7. Four-Way Strain is sharp and spicy in taste and aroma. It is not for everyone as it can have a “skunk” smell to it. It can alleviate pain and anxiety very well, though and therefore remains popular, especially with chronic pain sufferers.
  8. Lemon Skunk is a variation somewhat of Four-Way Strain but mitigates the “skunk” smell somewhat with a lemony aroma. The taste is also more appealing to many than Four-Way, and of course is lemony. It is somewhat of a classic exotic because of its pain-relieving properties and fairly high amounts of THC.
  9. Super Sour Lemon speaks for itself. Tart and lemony it is greatly enjoyed by many users nationwide and globally but especially in Colorado. Demerits seem to favor it, as it has hints of lime with an earthy after taste, which lingers for hours. It produces a moderately high and is popular in Denver and other somewhat more conservative locations.
  10. White Widow makes a list as it is a favorite amongst those that want to grow their own plants. It thrives more easily than other strains and therefore is considered exotic as it is a mix of Sativa and Indica and is a hybrid with the properties of both. A relatively high THC of 19% yet can thrive on less than twelve hours of sunlight per day. It bares being on the list for its growth potential and popularity with home growers.

The list provided above is not a complete list and can vary by region.

Trends change, and what is popular in California might not be as popular as in Denver or other states. Qualities of the high matter more to some, while others like to grow plants of their own and look for plants that need less sunlight and less mineral content in the soil. The availability and price of seeds also matter to growers. Another usage that of edibles comes into play with the popularity of some exotics. Cooking with cannabis, especially with exotic cannabis, makes the high more intense, so those seeking to engage in edible marijuana “treats” choose carefully which strain they choose. In Denver, users seeking exotic strains, seeds, or buds can purchase online from suppliers or visit some dispensaries that exist. There are not a lot of offline dispensaries, but they do exist, especially around the Denver Botanical Garden Region.  

Whichever way a person chooses to purchase, use, and smoke, is very individualized. 

Novices should try many different varieties of exotic cannabis in plants, buds, and strains, but in small quantities at first. Even seeds should be purchased initially in small quantities until the results can be seen of each variety. Eventually, each user will know which exotic and/ or rare strain is the best for their needs and will keep purchasing what they enjoy the most!


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