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Zen extracts live resin can weigh in at 80-90% THC.


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Zen Extracts is a Southern California extraction company specializing in processing the highest quality live marijuana
into a variety of different concentrates. “Live Resin” is the term we use to describe our products because the material is
extracted while the plant is “Alive” to capture the purest essence of the plant. We specialize in solvent and non-solvent
extractions based on how the resin wants to be captured. Focusing on creating multiple consistencies to please any
connoisseur with our live resin badder, live resin sauce, and live hash rosin.

Zen extract Flavors

Refinery OG Live Resin | True OG Live Resin | White Gold Live Resin | Terp Basket Live Resin | Lemon Slurpee Live Resin | Wedding Cake Live Resin | Tropicoolato Live Resin | Ice Cream Man Live Resin | Blue Dawg Tangie Live Resin | Jack Of All Lemons Live Resin | Rozay Sherbet Live Resin | Golden Triangle Live Resin | Papaya Cake Live Resin | Peanut Butter Breath Live Resin | Mimosa Moon Live Resin | Purple Punch Live Resin | Lemon OG Live Resin | Hindzu Live Resin | San Fernando Tangie Live Resin | Honeymooners #4 Live Resin | Lava Cake Live Resin | Animal Mints Live Resin | Maclato Live Resin | Platinum Punch Live Resin | Punch Breath Live Resin | Ice Cream Man Live Resin | Blueberry Cheesecake Live Resin | Lemonade Live Resin | Sundae Driver Live Resin | Strawberry Shortcake 90u Live | Tropnanna 90u Live Rosin | LA Wedding Pops 90u Live Rosin.

Zen extract reviews

They are all 1g and have the best high in only on hit. They last for so long.


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